How To Choose The Method Your Hormone Replacement Gets Administered

In recent years, people have been more and more inclined towards their own health and wellness where people strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy bodies. When you are already the perfect picture of health or close to it, of course it can be easy to strive towards maintenance. But when you are on the lower end of a slipping scale then it isn’t uncommon to get a little discouraged.

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Why does the administration method matter?

Because administration can mean the difference between complete or partial absorption and also the speed of which the absorption occurs. This matters when you want your body to get optimum results from the supplements you are taking or the therapy you are going through.

Natural hormone replacement is a method used to replenish the body with the hormones that it needs to function properly and at optimum levels. This is achieved through bio-identical hormone therapy where substances that contain the exact molecular structure as the hormones that need to be replaced are introduced into the body.

What are the different ways to administer hormone replacement?

  1. Oral medication – oral medication is the most common and cheapest method to achieve hormone replacement. It is also the least effective. This is because when medication is taken orally, it will first pass through the digestive system and get digested before it can come in contact with the bloodstream where it needs to be.
  2. Creams – creams are often used as a form of hormone replacement by applying directly on the skin. Absorption rate for this method will vary depending on the amount off fatty tissue. Too much fatty tissue will absorb the cream and could build up there instead of come in contact with the bloodstream.
  3. Sublingual drops – or drops under the tongue. Through this method, medication goes straight to the blood stream and it isn’t as expensive or invasive as intravenous therapy.

Always be prepared and know your options as you know if you are really into it. There isn’t always just one set way to do something. Decide on what you want and what you are comfortable with.

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