5 Must Haves For Your Gym Wardrobe

If you like to sweat it out in style, you can never have enough of gym clothing. However, instead of picking up every t-shirt, track on shorts on offer at the nearby discount shop, it is better you aces swat will be functional while being comfortable. Here are 5 must haves for your gym wardrobe if you are mean gym junkie.

gym wear

  • While men can do with their one pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts a week, women need a little extra. Choose your gym clothing carefully. While your basketball player outfit might be uber comfortable to you, it just does not paint a good picture for the gym. It would look rather borrowed from your partner than bought for yourself. Instead of a loose jersey and short workout gear, opt for a comfortable length shorts and a close-to-body razor back t-shirt.
  • Most women chose pink as their workout gear. While it does not do any harm, try not to coordinate much with pink tracks, pink shoes and pink socks. You will end up looking like a dolled up fancy dress contestant. Keep a good contrast level by pairing a hot pink tank top with dark coloured track such as grey or black. Keep your shoes and socks as sober as you can.
  • Give your university t-shirt a break. It might be cool to wear it at home or even in your neighbourhood, a t-shirt that shouts your university name and even a basketball player number is sometimes not cool. Opt for a sweat free mesh material t-shirt that will mean serious business.
  • A track that is too tight that it shows your underwear line is a complete no-no. Opt for tracks that comfortable lines your silhouette without being too tight at the crotch or hips. It is a good idea to invest in dark coloured tracks to hide any panty lines or colours showing.
  • A comfortable sports bra is necessary have for every working out woman. Buy a size that is not too lose or too tight. While a lose sports bra will not serve the purpose of giving you the c a tight one will suffocate you faster.

Your gym clothing can tell a lot about your personality. While you personally might not care what others think of your clothing, it is a good idea to look presentable as well as comfortable when working out. Too much makeup, flashy clothes, a lot of jewellery, flying hair is some of the things that just do not match up to a gym environment.

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