Stem Cell Therapy – Is It an Effective Cure For Congenital Heart Disease

Heart diseases are very common globally. They are imposing a heavy economic burden especially in developed and developing countries. Heart diseases like heart failure and ischemic heart disease are prevalent. It is really great news that stem cell therapy is effective in treating heart diseases.

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What are stem cells?

Stem cells have a unique feature of developing into different cell types in the embryo and during infancy and childhood. They have the capacity of renewing themselves through the process of cell division.

They are capable of repairing and replacing damaged tissues. Stem cell therapy is gaining a lot of popularity because several researches have yielded positive results. What about stem cell therapy in UK? A lot of people are opting for stem cell therapy because it is recommended highly by doctors.

What is congenital heart disease?

Congenital heart disease refers to problems with the heart right from the birth. Congenital heart diseases include problems with the heart valves, interior walls and veins and arteries that carry blood from the heart and to the heart. Some of the congenital heart diseases are just simple issues and some are severe and life threatening.  Millions of people in this world are living with congenital heart disease.

Stem cell therapy to treat congenital heart disease

  • Stem cell therapy in UK is used to treat pediatric patients. Stem cells collected from the umbilical cord of the patient following his or her birth are used to treat their congenital heart defects. The cells are injected into the heart of the patient when he is months to months old. The stem cells help in regenerating and renewal of new cells. This helps in avoiding major surgical procedures like heart transplantation in future.
  • In adults people in final stage of cardiomyopathy have been treated with stem cell therapy. Stem cells may be taken from a donor.

Most of the stem cell therapies are safe. However, side effects are not ruled out. Stem cell therapy may cause side effects. If the donor is not related to the patient, the patient’s body may reject the stem cells leading to side effects like arrhythmia.

Stem cell therapy is a blessing to treat congenital heart diseases without surgeries.


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