Can Drinking Coffee Make You Smarter and More Active?

Normally, people drink coffee to refresh their mood and get an energy boost for their work. Coffee contains caffeine, a substance, which has stimulating properties. It activates the neurons or the nerve cells and catalyses release of Dopamine and Adrenaline.

skinny coffe

There is another important thing caffeine does i.e. it helps you improve your metabolism. With a faster metabolism, you are able to burn more fat. Thus, coffee for weight loss is a newer concept with scientific back-up and is now being accepted widely. Let us see how this works.

  • The accumulated fat in the body cannot in itself be used as fuel. It needs to be broken down. When you drink coffee, the caffeine in it activates your nervous system which instructs the fat cells of your body to break down fat. This burnt fat can be utilized as fuel for energizing your activities.
  • It has been experimentally proven that you burn more amount of fat with coffee prior to exercise.
  • Besides, with higher level of hormones Dopamine and adrenaline due to intake of coffee, more of broken down fat is released into the blood stream ready to be utilized.
  • Our metabolic rate holds the key to burning fat and losing weight. Higher the metabolic rate, we can lose more weight with the same amount of eating.
  • It has been observed that the metabolic rate can be increased by as much as 11% after drinking coffee. You will also find higher effects with more intake of coffee.

Coffee is a miraculous drink. If you drink it properly and monitor its effects regularly, it can prove to be a very good health drink.


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